Bonjour á tous!

I’m glad to share about the UCEAP’s Global Cities and Urban Realities Program. The program’s courses focused on the impact of diversity and integration in the social and political development of France and the U.K.

Through my Follow-On Service Project, I’m sharing my many moments living in Paris and London including those that made me happy, laugh, think, and so forth. My goal is to share all my interests, joys, and frustrations studying in Paris and London.


  • Check out my Paris & London Travel Blog, a collection of personal photos and anecdotes from abroad.
  • The travel section of this website also includes a Paris and London Travel Tips page and a Study Abroad Peer Advice section for any future students planning on studying abroad.
  • I also self-published a zine, “Relative Opacity”.  Relative Opacity is a zine with a collection of stencils and biographies that set out to defend multicultural British and French way of life. The zine challenges racism, xenophobia, and the false assertion that multiculturalism is to blame for dividing society.

Studying abroad was one of the most memorable and thought-provoking activities I took part as an undergraduate. The U.S. State Department sponsored my trip abroad through the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program and I completed my senior year abroad just in time for graduation.

I dreamed of studying in a foreign country and I am truly grateful for the support I had from my family, mentors, and sponsors for making it a reality.

I hope it’s a little more exciting to read than the generic standard blog entry! Enjoy!